TECHCOTE EP (S) two component solvented high build surface protective coating is based on  epoxy resins specially formulated to provide a thixotropic coating suitable for application to vertical surfaces. It cures to form a smooth hygienic film with good resistance to a wide range of mineral and organic acids, alkalis, fats and oils..


It is a two pack, high build, semi-gloss solvented epoxy coating for concrete substrates. It provides a hard wearing, aesthetic finish with good resistance to chemical attack. is used in industrial floors, assembly areas, workshops, automobile work shop, soft drink production, breweries, dairies, pharmaceutical units, etc


TECHCOTE  EP is a two-pack solvent free, high build epoxy resin system for application as a heavy duty floor coating. TECHCOTE EP provides a colored gloss finish which is extremely hard wearing and abrasion resistant with good general chemical, mineral and organic acids, fats, alkalis and oils resistance.


TECHCOTE PU is a two-component polyurethane resin system, comprising pigmented base and a hardener, specifically formulated to protect concrete and steel. On mixing of the two components, it yields a chemical resistant protective coating, which cures to a high glossy, ultra dense surface that is easily cleaned and hygienic.


It is a crack bridging, anti carbonation textured protective & decorative coating for concrete masonry. It provides a smooth decorative durable coating for concrete and masonry surfaces like big commercial buildings, public places, residential building, concrete bridges, shopping mall, schools, etc.


It is a premium quality crack bridging, anti carbonation, water based, elastomeric coating for interiors and exteriors surfaces. TECHCOTE AR resistance to aggressive agents, UV rays and rain.


A two component based on polyamine cured coal tar epoxy product with outstanding water and crude oil resistance that makes it eminently suitable for use as an anticorrosive on underwater areas (especially where cathodic protection is envisaged.


TECHCOTE RB  Anti-Corrosion Coating is a premixed polymer based primer designed to protect steel and  reinforcement from oxidation. It has given excellent corrosion resistance to the reinforcement bars.